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From concept design to completion of the project, Line carries out the whole process in a best way.

We begin with concept design phase, in which we first provide an analysis of the project’s requirements, criteria, and constraints. In collaboration with the client, architects and interior designers, Line's lighting designers develop an initial concept ideas which are presented to the client and submitted as a comprehensive package in Concept Design. After the approval of concept ideas, Line's team move to Schematic Design preparations including preliminary lighting layouts, specifications, calculations and pre budget. And then, the design team finally prepares detail drawings, specifications, control grouping and lighting scenarios for submission during the detailed design phase.

After all design phases, We continue to project with the tender evaluation including financial, design, and technical review. By attending the site visits periodically, Line control the lighting details to be done properly at site. At the project's completion Line's team returns for final focusing and final touch to set the lighting scenarios. 

During any project phases, our design team searches for new technologies that are both economically and energy conscious. We also follow up new trends and new products to bring the latest innovations to our clients. 

Line lighting designers work on the project designs according to IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) ethical rules. Mustafa Akkaya, founder of Line, is a professional member of the IALD. The full IALD Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct can be found on their website

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